About Us

Our Mission

  • Professional ServiceWe at Track 4 x 4 are renown for both our professionalism and duty of care when approaching any new maintenance of repair project.
  • Custom RepairsOur experience in working with clients to perform custom or pernsonalized updates and repairs to vehicles, is first class.
  • Quality AssuredWe are an accredited repairer and thus follow all the regulations, guidelines and vehicle specifications to ensure all quality standards, are compliant.

Who are we?

Andrew Cassar started Ontrack 4x 4 repairs way back in 2001. Fresh out of an apprentiship as a motor mechanic he found the love and passion of the great outdoors and in deed off road trekking and driving.

From this great love started the business from a small garage in Melbourne North West and slowly growing over time. This included various sized premises to eventually settling down in Kealba.

This facility has now over the years allowed me and my team to perform a range of services, bringing dream vehicles to reality. Servicing areas that include local and regional Australia coupled with global clients as well, we aim to continue this story for years to come. Furthermore, working with some great Australian companies over this long period of time, has allowed us to establish ourselves, to the company we are today.

Our History

2001 – 2021

2021 marks 20 years since Andrew Cassar started ontrack 4×4 repairs in his parents backyard garage. From their we’ve grown from a one man show to employing 7 full time staff who have a wide range of talents to make the ontrack of today what it is.

With the passion for 4wd vehicles, the out doors. The business took off in leaps and bounds, show casing the off road ability of various off road 4wds and competing in various competitions Australia wide with great results the business continued to go even further and went from the garage to a small shop in east keilor Victoria. Quickly out growing this shop in 2010 it was time to move again to their present premises in Kealba and employing more staff to take on the forever growing demands of the 4wd industry and customers passions.

The demographic of the business quickly changed in 2013 when the new Y62 patrol was first released in Australia. Andrew Grabbed the bull by the horns quickly demonstrating what could be achieved on such a new vehicle and putting it out to showcase new products and the skills of the team.

Today; The standards of the team and business has stepped up once again, with a wide catalogue of aftermarket products, and world wide branding. Which spans over multiple branded vehicles such as Nissan, Toyota, ford, Jeep etc

Tomorrow; We will take each day as it comes and continue to explore, develop, embrace and learn to take on the ever growing technologies that get thrown at us.

Our Brands